Documentaries About Veganism

I have put together a list of films which I think are amongst the best of their kind: informaive and well researched films, that have opened many peoples eyes before.
A lot of these films show brutal cruelty, misstreatment, torture, rape and murder against animals. If you live vegan already and are sensitized with these topics I personally believe it is not necessary to do this to yourself. However, i you do not live vegan, I recommend you open your eyes to the truth and dare to have a look on your food and other daily products before it lands on your plate, on your skin, your bed and your wardrobe. Continue reading Documentaries About Veganism

Film Recommendation

The special movie: Captain Fantastic
Viggo Mortensen plays Ben, an highly educated man who lives an unusual life with his wife and his six children having their home isolated in the wilderness, homeshooling their children and trying to prepare them for the “hard life”. When his wife dies due to a mental disorder, he and his offspring leave the self-created idyll to travel to the funeral on an old bus. The encounter with society puts the family and Ben’s ideals to a hard test…. Continue reading Film Recommendation